Quality Policy

Policy Statement

RE-mech (UK) Ltd is committed to its quality policy that will ensure all products and services supplied by the company fully meet the requirements of its customers through the experience and commitment of its workforce.

The objective of the company is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through the implementation of operational systems essential to realising this goal.

Within this policy, we are committed to operating our company under the disciplines and control of a quality management system conforming to the International Standard ISO9001:2015, planned and developed jointly with our other management functions.

The company will ensure that all personnel fully implement our policies and are able to perform their duties effectively through training and personal development.

Personnel at all levels of the company are fully involved in meeting the company’s quality objectives. New employees are made aware of the quality policy, objectives and their obligation to support these at induction into the company.

The company will undertake regular Management Reviews to monitor the effectiveness of the quality system in order to drive continual improvement in line with company and customer expectations.

In conjunction with this policy the company operates and maintains a Health & Safety policy. The company is committed to providing a safe place to work, safe systems of work and safe equipment. We will ensure that all employees are adequately informed, trained and equipped to carry out their work in a safe manner and that we comply with statutory legislation and codes of practise relating to Health & Safety and Environmental matters.